Floor Support Products

National Polymers has several products to help your with floor preparation and application.

From crack fillers to joint sealants and paint chips or application tools, NPI truly is a one-stop manufacturer. Learn about our products we have available.

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Roof Systems

NPI offers a several different roof coatings for a variety of applications.

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Broadcast Floor Systems

Decorative Quartz Systems are used for decorative purposes in light and medium duty traffic areas. A colored quartz aggregate is broadcasted into a clear high solids epoxy binder to create a decorative floor finish that is suitable for most commercial and industrial applications.

This epoxy floor system is aesthetically pleasing and can create a durable, non-slip, chemical resistant surface. And because this is a seamless flooring system, it is easy to clean and maintain. Decorative Quartz Broadcast Systems can be constructed to create a variety of textures ranging from rough and slip resistant to smooth.

Broadcast Benefits

- Slip resistance
- Excellent durability
- Aesthetically pleasing
- Low odor application
- Easy to clean

Typical Applications
- Animal care areas
- Fire stations
- Clean room floors
- Cafeterias/Kitchens
- Pharmaceutical
- Shower/Locker Rooms
- Hospitals
- Schools
- Retail/Office

The Right Products

NPI has several clear epoxy coatings, as well as urethane topcoat options for use in these
systems. Several products are available for low odor applications.