Floor Support Products

National Polymers has several products to help your with floor preparation and application.

From crack fillers to joint sealants and paint chips or application tools, NPI truly is a one-stop manufacturer. Learn about our products we have available.

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Roof Systems

NPI offers a several different roof coatings for a variety of applications.

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Decorative Flooring Systems
  • River Rock Binder (NP551)

Clear Acrylic Sealer

NP6414 and NP6415 - Clear Acrylic Sealer is a one component high-gloss product that takes dull looking concrete and gives it an attractive "wet" appearance while sealing and waterproofing the surface.

This product can be used in a number of residential and commercial locations to restore the appearance of decorative concrete.

River Rock Binder (NP551)

NP551 - River Rock Binder is a two component 100% solids epoxy system designed for use as a river rock binder. The formulation viscosity is specifically suited for binding together larger aggregate to form a decorative matrix.

Metallic Powder for Epoxy Flooring Systems

This floor system creates a stunning look that can resemble a marbled three dimensional surface. The metallic powder can be added to a clear coating resin binder to obtain a variety of uniquely variable flooring appearances. The metallic pigment is available in 4 ounce containers. Each 4 ounce container is suitable to add to one gallon or 1 ½ gallons of clear binder material, depending on the overall look and opacity desired.