Floor Support Products

National Polymers has several products to help your with floor preparation and application.

From crack fillers to joint sealants and paint chips or application tools, NPI truly is a one-stop manufacturer. Learn about our products we have available.

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Roof Systems

NPI offers a several different roof coatings for a variety of applications.

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Floor Systems

With over 200 products available, including primers, topcoats, high build epoxies, VOC compliant urethanes, power trowel mortars, crack repair, joint sealants, as well as products to support your decorative concrete and polishing projects, NPI will have a solution to meet your needs. Our products can be used for a variety of industries and systems.

BroadcastNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Two component 100% solids water clear epoxy coating used in decorative clear floors. These products are moisture insensitive and can be exposed to water 24 hours after application. Can be left as a finish coat or topcoated with a clear aliphatic urethane.

NovolacNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Mid-range to high performance chemical resistance with the ability to contain high concentrations of acids and chlorinated solvents. A great choice for areas that require chemical resistance and exposed to high temperatures.

High BuildNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Designed for industrial floor applications, moderate traffic and chemical exposure areas. Typically applied at 18 to 36 mils, available in a variety of colors. Creates an attractive high performance floor that is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Thin Mil CoatingsNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Thin Mil Coating Systems offer industrial performance with an aesthetic appeal. These systems are used in coating smooth floor surfaces to increase light reflectivity and decrease housekeeping by eliminating concrete porosity and dusting.

ESD CoatingsNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) flooring systems are used in industries where static control is required. Whether your needs are a thin mil decorative system or a quarter inch overlay, we can provide color and quality never before available.

Epoxy/Urethane Mortars National Polymers - Broadcasts

Heavy duty, trowelled floor topping that can be used to patch or resurface concrete. Composed of a unique blend of aggregates and polymer resins. Used for environments requiring an industrial grade floor or when a concrete floor is damaged.

Concrete PolishingNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Concrete densifiers and conditioners are an integral part of the polishing process. These
products help to increase durability and protect the concrete as it seals against moisture.
We offer several concrete densifiers and conditioners.

Decorative FlooringNational Polymers - Broadcasts

We offer a variety of decorative flooring products. This including products for use in decorative concrete applications and metallic powder pigments. Metallic pigments can be used to create a unique decorative surface.

Paint Chip SystemsNational Polymers - Broadcasts

Creates a decorative finish that also acts as a durable protective wear surface. This system consists of decorative paint chips randomly or fully broadcasted to rejection into an epoxy base coat. The chips are then sealed in with a clear topcoat.