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NPI Can Help You With Green Building Efforts

In today's world more and more companies are focusing on "green" building design and the construction industry has seen a rise in demand for materials that meet specific environmental standards.


NPI's Floor Coatings

For the floor coatings business this often means Low or Zero VOC products. NPI manufactures many products to help with your green building efforts, specifically products that can contribute to LEED points associated with the Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit. NPI can help you choose the right products for your green building project.

LEED Compliance Sheets

NPI can also help you with submitting paper work for LEED projects for your products. We can provide you
with LEED Compliance Information Sheets customized with your brand name in place.


VOC Regulated Areas

Many areas across the nation have adopted VOC regulations. NPI has a variety of products that comply with
VOC regulations throughout the nation. Additionally, as VOC regulations change, NPI will work to develop
products to meet those VOC requirements.


NPI's Roof Coatings

NPI offers several roof coating products that may help with your green building efforts, including several
Energy Star Approved products, our Copolymer Roof Coating and Acrylic Roof Coating.