Our Philosophy


Private Labeling by NPI

The philosophy behind our success is the success that we create for you. For a time spanning two decades, National Polymers has been a manufacturer of private label floor coating, concrete restoration and roof coating products. However, you purchase more than a product line, you purchase decades of experience, field proven products and service. Although you may not recognize our name, you would recognize, and possibly have used some of the brand names we stand behind.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Over the years, we have seen many private label accounts flourish into multi-million dollar nationally recognized labels. We have enjoyed their success and flourished with a philosophy that places the customers needs above all else. Although our name is not on the label, we stand behind every product we sell. As the manufacturer, we know you can stand behind your label with confidence. So whether your needs are for epoxy floor coatings, urethanes, novolacs, water bornes, VOC compliant primers and topcoats, high build epoxies, roof coatings, self leveling resurfacers, power trowel mortar formulations or unique urethane epoxy hybrids - just to mention a few - NPI has a complete line of products to service your needs