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Over 200 flooring products available! Primers, topcoats, high build epoxies, VOC compliant urethanes, power trowel mortars, crack repair, joint sealants, as well as decorative concrete and concrete polishing products - NPI has a flooring solution to meet your needs!

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Chemical Resistant Roof Coating Roof Systems

NP326, Chemical Resistant Roof Coating is designed to coat roofing areas where products, systems, or coatings do not perform well and deteriorate when exposed to many of the chemicals associated with roofing. This includes: areas near generators, pumps, air conditioning units, venting systems, or areas around exhaust stacks that may deposit chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Any origin of chemicals can be prevented from deteriorating the substrate with a thin protective coating of this flexible, chemical resistant, and UV light stable aliphatic urethane.

Chemical Resistant Roof Coating Benefits

- Provides a high gloss, l
- Low permeability membrane
- Available in clear or white
- Can withstand sleet and hail,
- High wind resistant
- Roof can be opened to foot traffic in less than one day

Pot Life:

3 to 4 hour pot life: larger projects and tedious trim work can be easily accomplished using larger batch kits for convenience and labor cost savings