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Over 200 flooring products available! Primers, topcoats, high build epoxies, VOC compliant urethanes, power trowel mortars, crack repair, joint sealants, as well as decorative concrete and concrete polishing products - NPI has a flooring solution to meet your needs!

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Copolymer Rubber Walkway Coating Roof Systems

A synthetic rubber coating that transforms most existing roof membranes into an attractive and highly reflective surface with enhanced weathering characteristics. The roof coating creates a monolithic membrane that has excellent elongation, tensile strength, UV resistance, low temperature flexibility and superior adhesion properties.

Copolymer Rubber Walkway Coating Benefits

- Easily application
- Slip resistant
- Cushioned for walking comfort
- Prevents punctures and tears
- Mildew and fungus resistant
- Eliminates movement of conventional walkway system pads.
- Comes in a variety of colors