Our different roof coatings offer a variety of uses and benefits such as: reflecting heat and sunlight, adding water resistance, coatings that incorporate rubber granules for use in walkway areas, products in safety colors to mark caution areas, or acrylic coatings. These are just a few of the many benefits that NPI's roof coatings offer. With several products to choose from NPI has a coating to meet your needs.

Copolymer Roof Coatings

NP814 is a synthetic rubber coating that transforms most existing roof membranes into an attractive, highly reflective surface with enhanced weathering characteristics. This product reflects heat and sunlight and waterproofs flashings.

Can be applied to most: single ply roofs or smooth surface built up roofs.

Other Copolymer Based Products:
814, Safety Colors: Caution areas can be marked in safety yellow at roof perimeters or any area where care and safety must be exercised.

NP814R, Copolymer Walkway Coating is a copolymer rubber based liquid incorporating rubber granules to provide texture and slip resistance.

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Acrylic Roof Coatings

NP811FP is an acrylic self-plasticizing monolithic roof coatings that withstand UV, temperature extremes, mildew and normal foot traffic. This flexible membrane will accommodate building movement without cracking or splitting.

Can be applied in one, two, or three coat applications, with or without fabric reinforcement.

Other Acrylic Based Products:
NP813, Acrylic Skylight Coating is a clear acrylic coating available for coating over skylights or fiber glass panels.

NP815M, Acrylic Caulking is designed to fill deep voids. This product repairs spilts, blisters, or seams and seals fasteners, head laps, and boltheads.