Surface Prep/Maintenance

Crack Repair Products, Joint Sealants, and Oil Stop Primer. NPI provides a wide selection of products to ensure the floor is prepared properly and will last for a long term.

Interested in finding out more about our Crack Repair, Joint Sealants, and Support Products?


Crack Fillers: 100% solids epoxy crack fillers are designed for repairing cracks and defects in concrete or masonry. These products can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and offer superior durability.

Available Formulations: 

  • Epoxy Crack Filler
  • Novolac Crack Filler
  • Low Modulus Fast Set Gel
  • Underwater Epoxy Paste
  • Underwater Pourable Epoxy


Joint Sealants: These products are used to help sustain the health of the floor, by keeping dirt, debris, and water from entering the joint area. NPI has several formulations available for horizontal and vertical applications.

Available Formulations: 

  • Flexible Joint Sealant
  • Vertical Joint Sealant
  • Chemical Joint Sealant
  • Fast Set Sealant
  • Novolac Vertical Formulation


Epoxy Oil Stop Coating:  This product is a two component solvent based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent characteristics for coating over petroleum based oil contaminated concrete substrates.

Product Benefits: 

  • Ideal primer for oil contaminated concrete surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent substrate penetration & adhesion