Epoxy/Urethane Mortars

We have a variety of epoxy/urethane mortar and slurry formulations that can be used for patching or resurfacing concrete.

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Profile/Appearance: approximately 3/16" to 1/4"
Epoxy Mortar is a heavy duty, troweled floor topping that can be used to patch or resurface concrete, metal, and wood floors. These systems are typically used to resurface older, damaged concrete or to protect new concrete in high traffic, abusive industrial facilities. Mortar products offer higher impact resistance and greater compressive strength than concrete. These floor systems are extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand a wide range of chemicals.

Special Formulations: 

  • Acid Resistant Formulation
  • Freezer Formulation
  • Arctic Formulation
  • Chemical Resistant Formulation
  • Coal Tar Formulation
  • Cove Base Mortar (for easy cove construction)


Profile/Appearance: 3/16" to 1/8"mils
Urethane Mortar/Slurry systems have good thermal shock capabilities and are a great choice for hot wash down areas. These systems are recommended for resurfacing areas where a durable shock resistant surface is needed. The system also exhibits good freeze/thaw stability and cures down to 45 degrees F. The products are packaged with resin/hardener liquids, aggregate bag, and dry pigment powder additive. Slurry and mortar formulations available.

Several options are available to customize these systems including:
DECORATIVE: Decorative appearance achieved with a decorative quartz broadcast
CHEMICAL RESISTANT: utiliizes a novolac epoxy topcoat for added chemical resistance
NP903TC topcoat should be used when good thermal shock capabilities is required