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About NPI

National Polymers Inc. is the nation's leading private label manufacturer of industrial resinous epoxy and urethane floor coatings, roof coatings and concrete restoration/repair products. Our private label product line includes high performance epoxy coatings, VOC compliant urethanes, polyaspartic urethane topcoats, novolacs/chemical resistant epoxies, epoxy slurries and power trowel mortars, urethane slurry and mortars, exterior concrete coatings, acrylic roof coatings, concrete densifiers, acrylic sealers, and a variety of epoxy crack fillers, joint sealants and maintenance type products.

What We Do

Our services and offerings are more unique than that of other manufacturers. Our products are sold with your label on them; we...

Our Custom Formulating Solutions

In addition to our extensive product line, NPI also has the capabilities to manufacture your custom formulations. With over thirty...

Private Label Epoxy Coatings

NPI has been providing private label services to epoxy coatings, resinous flooring and concrete repair brands for over three...


NPI offers a variety of services to support YOUR private label epoxy brand. Our staff has over thirty years experience helping private label epoxy brands grow into successful industrial floor coating businesses.

Services and Solutions for Building YOUR BRAND Epoxy Coatings


Industrial Floor Coatings for a Variety of Industries!

Our private label epoxy coating brands have been sold and installed in millions of facilities on floors, roofs, and traffic decks, across the globe. We offer resinous flooring systems, acrylic roof coatings, and exterior traffic deck coating products to support a variety of retail, industrial, and commercial industries.

Our Private Label Industrial Floor Coating Systems

NPI offers a vast catalog of private label coating products for use in a variety of applications. Our product line includes: power trowel mortar systems, high build epoxy coatings, urethane topcoats and polyaspartics, novolac epoxy coatings, ESD floor systems, concrete crack fillers, epoxy joint sealants, exterior concrete coatings, urethane mortars and many more.

Joint Sealant Flexible

Surface Prep/Maintenance

Crack Repair Products, Joint Sealants, and Oil Stop Primer. NPI provides a...

Thin Mil Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Coating Systems

Thin Mil, High Build, and Metallic Epoxy Systems. NPI offers a vast...

High School Epoxy Floor

Broadcast Floors

Broadcast floors can be constructed for both decorative and industrial...

Chemical Plant Floor

Chemical Resistant Systems

Novolac systems enable mid-range to high performance chemical resistance...

Lab Flooring

ESD/Anti Static Systems

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) flooring systems are used in industries...

Concrete Patch Repair

Epoxy/Urethane Mortars

We have a variety of epoxy/urethane mortar and slurry formulations that can...

Concrete Polishing/Sealers

Concrete densifiers and conditioners are an integral part of the polishing...

Waterproof Concrete Coatings

Exterior Systems

NPI’s solution for your waterproofing needs! Our outdoor tolerant deck...

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