NPI provides a variety of coatings for use in epoxy/urethane floor systems. Our product line includes: epoxy primers, polyaspartic topcoats, high build epoxies, VOC compliant urethanes, power trowel mortars, crack repair, and  joint sealants. With over 300 formulations, NPI has the products you need for your epoxy/urethane floor systems.
In addition to our coating products, we also offer concrete sealers and concrete densifiers to support concrete polishing projects. Our products can be used within a variety of industries and floor coating systems.
Our coatings work in a variety of popular floor coating systems including: decorative flake, metallic floor systems, double broadcasts and high build systems, power trowel mortars, and more.

Concrete Crack Repair
Surface Prep/Maintenance

Crack Fillers/Joint Sealants

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Epoxy/Urethane Floor Systems
Epoxy Coating Systems

Thin Mil/High Build Epoxy
Metallic Pigmented Systems

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Paint Chip Floor System, Decorative Quartz
Broadcasted Systems

Paint Chip/Decorative Quartz
Shop Floor Systems

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Power Trowel Mortars
Mortars: Epoxy/Urethane

Epoxy Mortar Patch/Resurfacer
Urethane Mortar/Slurry

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Novolac Floor Coatings
Chemical Resistant Systems

Epoxy Novolac Primers,
Build Coats, and Topcoats

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Anti Static Floor Coatings, ESD Floor
ESD Flooring Systems

Thin Mil and High Build
Anti Static Systems

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Concrete Polishing, Densifiers
Concrete Polishers & Sealers

Concrete densifiers/conditioners
Acrylic/water based sealers

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Flexible Exterior Concrete Coatings
Exterior Floor Coatings

Outdoor tolerant deck coatings
Traffic deck coatings

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