Why Use an Epoxy Floor System in a Healthcare Facility?

Epoxy Flooring for Healthcare

Why Use an Epoxy Floor System in a Healthcare Facility?

Epoxy floor systems have always been a popular choice in healthcare facilities because of their seamless, easy to clean surfaces. Sanitary and clean floor surfaces are a must in these environments where quality patient care is vital. While these seamless resinous floor systems are popular in healthcare facilities because of their bacteria-growth inhibiting qualities, they also offer a multitude of other benefits.

Epoxy floor systems are extremely versatile and customizable. When choosing a resinous floor for a healthcare facility, many factors are considered including; cost, maintenance, durability, exposure to fluids and chemicals, as well as whether a decorative floor is desired. Epoxy systems can be constructed to fit many of these needs to create a welcoming, safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. The following provides details on some of the most common considerations for healthcare flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Stands up to Disinfecting Routines

One of the biggest concerns in medical facilities and hospitals is maintaining an environment that is sanitary and free from bacteria growth. Seamless flooring systems help to achieve this goal because they are free from grout lines, joints, and crevices where bacteria typically grows. Seamless wall to floor transitions can also be achieved with the construction of a cove, creating an even more sterile, sanitary environment.

Rigorous cleaning procedures and exposures to chemicals and liquids are also factors typically under consideration when choosing an epoxy coating system for medical centers. In these facilities, floors need to be able to stand up to strong cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. Many epoxy coatings and urethane topcoats provide excellent chemical resistance properties that can withstand constant cleaning and disinfectant routines.

Durable, Slip Resistant Floor Surfaces

Floors in fast paced medical care facilities will need to be extremely durable, withstanding high foot and wheeled traffic, such as gurneys, beds, wheel chairs and carts. In intense emergency situations, dropped surgical instruments or tools could also be a concern. The advantage of an epoxy floor system is that systems can be built that are extremely durable, abrasion and impact resistant. These seamless floor systems will provide a long-lasting solution that can stand up to the harsh conditions these floors experience.

Slip resistance is another major consideration for healthcare facility floors. Epoxy floor systems can be combined with textured aggregates to create a slip-resistant surface. Slip resistant floor surfaces are often required in healthcare areas where slips and falls are a major concern for staff as well as patients and visitors. Decorative quartz flooring is often a desired system in healthcare areas that require both a decorative and slip resistant floor surface. Decorative quartz systems use a clear epoxy coating and decorative quartz sands to create a visually appealing surface. Different quartz sand colors can be chosen to provide a variety of blends and options.

Customizable Flooring to Meet the Demands of Any Healthcare Facility

The best part about a epoxy coating systems is that these systems will meet the needs and demands of a variety of areas throughout the medical facility. In these multi-layered resinous floor systems, products can be chosen for a variety of applications throughout the facility. In waiting rooms or exam areas, systems that combine beauty and durability can be built, emergency rooms or high traffic areas may require building a more impact resistant floor surface, and in laboratories or pharmacy areas an epoxy/urethane system that offers more chemical resistance may be the answer. Whatever the need is, a seamless resinous floor system provides a sanitary, durable, and visually appealing solution that will meet the demands of a variety of healthcare facilities.

As with any project, always communicate with your client to ensure that the system meets all the needs of their situation. Many different resinous flooring systems can be used in the healthcare facility and it’s important to consider all the factors before constructing and specifying a resinous floor system.

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