Choosing an Industrial Floor Coating System

Industrial Floor Coating System Technical Series NPIChoosing an industrial floor coating system can be challenging. Whether you are selling a product for install by a do-it-yourselfer or you are installing the system for your customer, you want to make sure the chosen floor system is right for the environment. After all it’s YOUR NAME on the can and your reputation on the line. Choosing the wrong industrial floor coating system could mean the floor will fail sooner than expected, leading to an unhappy client and other costs associated with fixing the floor.

With so many epoxy floor coating systems available, it is often difficult for someone unfamiliar with the industry to choose the right products. There are many factors to consider when selecting an industrial floor coating system. While every floor project and client is unique, there are some common factors that will affect which products to choose when recommending an epoxy floor system. The information contained in this technical series will outline important factors to consider before recommending a floor system.

Download NPI's Technical Series: Choosing the Best Floor System for the Project to learn more.