Product Tips: Preparing for Cold Temperatures

Winter weather is here! During cold temperatures extra precautions may be necessary when storing, transporting and applying some epoxy coatings and our other products. The following is a review of the most common cold weather concerns.
Cure schedules published on our technical data sheets are listed for temperatures in the 70 degree range. As temperatures decrease, the time for cure will increase. This may entail planning more down time and/or reconsidering product selections to accommodate for the change in temperature.

Coatings which are not fully cured should not be exposed to chemicals, heavy industrial traffic or water. For the first seven days, clean up spills promptly and limit maintenance programs to sweeping only. Aggressive cleaning and water exposure should be avoided until full cure is achieved to avoid discoloration.

Storage of epoxy coatings should never be below 60 degrees Fahrenheit for prolonged periods of time as crystallization may occur. If crystallization of an epoxy product occurs, warming the material (see technical bulletin #16 published October 1, 1997) will assist in returning the material to its previously un-crystallized state.
National Polymers offers many products that are extremely crystallization resistant including: NP183, NP183C, NP253, NP253sl, NP253V, NP255, NP256, NP256M, NP257, NP258, NP259, NP928, and NP928HV. These products should be considered when transport or storage conditions may be favorable for crystallization to occur.

Prior to shipping products, take into consideration transit times and storage conditions. Products that are prone to freezing should be shipped in heated trucks instead of flatbeds or vehicles exposed to outside elements. You should also avoid shipping these products over weekends and holidays, when they may be stored in unheated trailers or shipping terminals. When available, utilize freeze protection services that freight carriers offer.

Download our Winter Weather Product Care Quick Reference Guide.