How to Clean & Maintain An Epoxy Floor System

Cleaning an Epoxy Floor

The following information provides tips for how to clean epoxy floors. With proper maintenance and cleaning, an epoxy floor system can last a considerable amount of time. Follow these tips on how to clean an epoxy floor system to keep it looking new for years:

  1. Keep Heavy Traffic to a Minimum Immediately After Installation:  Immediately after the floor is installed, make sure not to subject the floor to heavy or abusive traffic. The floor needs to completely cure first. Read technical data sheets carefully for accurate cure times.
  2. Communicate with Other Trades and Contractors Working in the Area: If the facility is undergoing remodeling, talk to other contractors to plan installation carefully. If they are still working in areas, communicate with them to let them know to steer clear of the newly installed floor. You may need to barricade the perimeter to prevent exposure.
  3. Remove Contaminants Immediately: When a spill occurs, clean it up immediately. This includes spills of foods, beverages, oils, chemicals, salts, and other contaminants. Certain chemicals and liquids can cause the floor to discolor, peel or soften.
  4. Good Housekeeping/Regular Maintenance:  A regular maintenance routine of cleaning and waxing may be needed to keep your epoxy floor looking new. Sweeping the floor daily should be done to remove stones, dirt, leaves or other materials that can cause damage. Additionally, a thorough cleaning routine should be established using the recommended cleaning solution/method. NPI provides several cleaners for epoxy floors.
  5. Avoid Stiff Brushes/Use Proper Tools: When cleaning and sweeping, do not use stiff bristle brushes that can dull out the floor. Use the proper cleaning tools as recommended for the installed system. On textured floor systems you should refrain from using mops that could get caught on rough surfaces and leave lint on the floor.
  6. Rinse Thoroughly After Cleaning: Always rinse the floor completely afterwards to ensure no soapy residue remains.
  7. Use a Floor Polish: When needed, use a polymer floor wax to revitalize the floor and restore original gloss.
  8. Do Not Drag Heavy Objects: You should never drag or drop heavy/sharp objects onto the floor, including pallets. Carry or use a hand truck when transporting these objects. When moving furniture, consider laying cardboard on the floor as added protection.
  9. Keep Equipment in Good Condition: Wheels on your equipment, such as fork trucks and hand trucks should be in good condition to prevent scratches and marks. This is especially important for steel wheels.
  10. Use Furniture Pads: Place pads on the legs, chairs, tables and other furniture to protect the epoxy system from scratches.

Epoxy Floor Cleaning Guide

Download our Floor Cleaning Guide for instructions on how to clean and care for an epoxy floor system.
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Following these tips could help prolong your floor system. Be sure to also read product or system data sheets for additional recommendations on maintenance requirements.  Have additional suggestions, share your tips for how to clean an epoxy floor! Click here to share your ideas.