Resinous Flooring for Cannabis Grow Rooms

Resinous Flooring for Cannabis Production

10 Reasons to Choose a Resinous Flooring System for Cannabis Grow Rooms

Whether building a new facility for a Cannabis Grow Room or renovating an existing structure, concrete floors are typically found throughout the area. Untreated concrete floors, because of the porosity and absorptivity, could lead to potential issues in these environments. Using a resinous fluid applied floor system can cover and protect bare concrete. The following outlines 10 other reasons to choose resinous flooring for cannabis production areas:

  1. Create a seamless, hygienic, floor: The temperature and humidity that is required for optimal cannabis growth, can also create an environment where fungi and bacteria can grow. Resinous floor systems create seamless, easy to clean surfaces. Additionally, cove bases can be created, creating a smooth wall to floor transition. Seamless transitions help to eliminate cracks, crevices and grout lines where bacteria can grow.
  2. Allows for proper drainage: In cannabis grow facilities there is exposure to high water usage during the plant growth process. Resinous floor systems can be constructed with proper slopes, allowing for proper drainage.
  3. Protective barrier for bare concrete: By installing a resinous floor system, a barrier can be created preventing toxic liquids such as fertilizers and other chemicals from seeping into bare concrete and surrounding soil.
  4. Thermal shock/chemical resistance: Urethane cement mortar/slurry floor systems will provide the thermal shock resistance that is required for areas prone to frequent hot wash downs. These floors can also stand up to a variety of chemicals, including pesticides, fertilizers and strong cleaning liquids. NPI provides a urethane mortar/slurry system that offers superior thermal shock resistance.
  5. Anti-microbial options: Anti-microbial additives can be used in a variety of epoxy coating products, providing additional resistance to mildew and fungi growth. This may be necessary in some cannabis production facilities. NPI provides an AM additive for use in many of our products.
  6. Slip resistance: In cannabis grow facilities, slip resistance may be needed to protect workers from slips and falls in areas of puddling water. There are a variety of textured floor systems that can be constructed with NPI’s epoxy/urethane products.
  7. Durability/high compression strength: Epoxy floor systems are extremely durable and can stand up to heavy and abusive traffic.  They are also extremely wear resistant, allowing them to stand up to heavy cleaning procedures.
  8. Meet government/environmental regulations: NPI has several low VOC and low odor products available to meet EPA regulations for Cannabis Grow Room Floors. Additionally, many resinous floor systems comply with USDA, FDA, OSHA guidelines, as well as other local/federal regulations.  NPI also has several products that can contribute to LEED green building credits.
  9. Light reflectivity: With a gloss finish, many floor coating systems provide light reflective surfaces which can aid in plant growth. The overhead light hits the floor and bounces back allowing light exposure to the underside of the plants, improving plant growth.
  10. UV resistance: UV light exposure is another concern in cannabis grow rooms. NPI provides many urethane topcoats, including polyaspartic and high wear urethanes that offer excellent UV resistance. These UV stable topcoats can be used within many floor coating systems.

Start selling YOUR own brand of resinous floor systems for use in cannabis grow rooms/production areas. Whether you are a contractor getting ready to bid a job or a distributor needing assistance on how to market to this new industry, NPI has a product for you.  Contact us today to find out which system fits YOUR brand.